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Step 1
Please tell us about your Trademark
Who or what is applying for the trademark?
About The Applicant

Street Address: City:
State: State (incorporated)
Country of Residence: Country (citizenship/incorporated)
Phone Number: Fax Number:
Email Address: ZIP:

If a partnership or joint individuals, list each person in the partnership by Full Name and Country.
Examples: Jack Roy, USA
John Doe, Canada
Select "just the words" if you are protecting just the words
and not the font, colors or size of the words.
Select "design" if you are protecting the style,color, or size of the words.
One trademark per application.
No generic marks.
A mark that resembles another mark or
that is in the name of a living person
will be refused by the trademark office.
What do you want to trademark? HELP

If the trademark is only words, type the trademark here: HELP

If the trademark is a logo, submit your logo.
Select the "Intent to use" option, if you are not currently using your mark.
If this option is chosen, no added information is needed from you for this part.
Select the "The mark is in use" option, if you are currently using your mark.
The "Intend to use" option has an addition $100 fee per class.
( Required by the Trademark Office )
Please describe the use of the trademark. HELP
If your mark is in use in intrastate commerce, submit your use and describe how it is being used.
When was the mark first used? ( example: 4/14/07 )
When was the mark first used in commerce?
Each class requires a seperate description. (additional fee of $385 per class)
For goods, list all of the goods, "Car Cleaner: namely hand towels, polish wax, carpet cleaner"
For services, describe what you are providing, "carpet cleaning"
Describe the goods / services represented by the trademark. HELP
( This description will set the scope of the trademark registration )
Filing Fees
Trademark Attorney Fee and federal trademark search: $575
United States Trademark Office Filing Fee: $375
Step 2
Clicking on the above link will send a copy of this questionnaire to the email address you provided.
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